Design sprints

Interdisciplinary collaboration is the best way to get both innovative concepts that can be built and buy-in from stakeholders. I currently use the Google Venture's process in managing cross-functional teams through knowledge-sharing, research, ideation, prototype creation, and usability testing. 

Research strategy

I can help you plan the most appropriate research strategy to gain practical, impactful insights. We'll create a research study tailored to your projects needs, ranging from exploring a market to tweaking an established product.

Ethnography / observations

Ethnography is observing people in real world context, giving you insights into real behavior and preferences. A weakness of focus groups and surveys is that people are have a hard time predicting how they would actually behave. Ethnography makes up for the weaknesses, giving you a lens into how people actually make decisions.

Interview / contextual inquiry

Interviews with one or a few selected members of your target market can provide you with an incredible amount of insight. They're also a great place to understand motivations and receive honest feedback. Interviewees can co-participate in experience journey mapping, concept generation, or be given diary studies. 

Focus groups

Used in the right circumstances, focus groups provide invaluable feedback on workflows painpoints and new idea. They can be used to both generate ideas and gain consensus. They're great for quickly getting new points of view and may help steer your product in a brand new direction.

Iterative concept generation

I specialize in product experience design informed by research. I can help you and your team translate insights into prioritized, practical concepts that save you from development churn.

Prototype creation and testing 

I can help you quickly move a concept into a testable format. These lo-fidelity prototypes provide enough detail to get feedback on what really matters: is it useful and valuable to your users. Iterations can be made with cycles usability testing to get it just right before you spend time developing.

Usability testing lets you quickly get feedback on a design, even before you release it to the market. I recruit subjects strategics and conduct tests remotely, in the lab, or in-situ at a user's native environment. We'll work together to establish the key metrics for the tests, and non-disclosure agreements will be used to protect your ideas.